A.  Absolutely no jumping or passing when yellow flag is displayed. Slow down until past the incident then proceed with the practice or race.

1st offense-DQ FROM THE RACE


3rd offense- DQ FOR THE SEASON

B. Disrespecting staff

1st offense is a warning letter from the Manager

2nd offense is a disqualification from the event

3rd offense is a disqualification for ENTIRE season. (riders are responsible for the actions of family and friends)

C. Unsportsmanlike on track actions ie-ramming, kicking, slapping, hitting, cross jumping etc

1st offense- warningletter from Manager (unless fragrant then will advance to 2nd offense.)

2nd offense- DQ for the night.

3rd offense- DQ for the season.

D. NO PIT RIDING- 1st gear to and from the track

1st offense-lose 3 spots from the race either attending or exiting

2nd offense-DQ for the night

3rd offense-DQ for the season.

E. Track cutting. If you run off the track you must slow down and re-enter the track at FIRST safe spot without gaining an advantage. IE-no racing down side of the track.

1st offense- warning and a 3 place penalty

2nd offense-DQ from moto

3rd offense-DQ for the race season

F. Move up rules

1st- ALL D class champions will advance to C (novice to junior)

2nd- 250 and Open C class champions will move to B class (unless trying to qualify for the AMA national at Loretta's, after regional then ride exibition B class). Note-riders wishing to "try out" upper level racing classification, can sign up for the upper class in designated "exhibition mode". In exhibition mode, racer will recieve no points, money or trophy. Referee can make a judgement call to advance or re classify a racer anytime. Example, racer may race 30+A exhibition but still be classifies as 30+B, but will not recieve any points, money or trophy for doing so. Racer could then choose to continue racing A or B class.

3rd- For racers trying to qualify for Loretta's you will be moved up in June if not qualified. Any C class champion that implies that they will be trying to qualify and DOES NOT PROCEED with doing ANY of the qualifiers will be DQ'd for the season for sandbagging a lower class.

4th- 50cc Novice class racers -top 5 from previous season will move to Junior class.

5th- 65cc and 85cc Novice class racers top 3 in points will move to Junior

6th- Women beginner class top 2 will move up to Junior

7th- If a rider wins 3 races in a row OR 3 races out of the first 5 attended (in any D class) you will be moved up to C. We will move 1/2 points or last place points from higher class 9whichever is more) with rider. D class rule only. Goal is to  have less people sandbagging the lower classes.

8th- Other D class racers who look to be a C rider we will ask a-How long they have raced? b-What are their past results? c-Have you ever won a D class race at our track  in previous seasons? Referee will make decision.

9th-ANY rider caught riding in a lower class than  they should be will result in a DQ and immediate move up. ALL tracks share information so just because you ride B at our track dont think you can move down at other tracks to C.


G.-1st- All age group classes (25,30,40 and 50) you MUST be the age of the class you are riding THAT DAY. You can move up to the age class you qualify for AFTER you birthday and we will allow 1/2 points or last place points from new class to go with.

2nd- In the 30,40 and 50 year old classes a rider may ride a lower class in the 250 or open class. Example, a 30+C rider can ride Open D.

H. Races are a two moto format

1st- Lowest combined score will determine overall finish. Example, a 3rd and a 4th in motos is 7 total points.

2nd- If tied in points the second moto higher finish deterrmines winner.

3rd- A rider must complete one lap to recieve a score.

4th-If a rider does not ride a moto they recieve a DNS which is 89 points.

I.- Other racing diciplines

1st- If racing off road , classes are as such AA=A motocross, A=B motocross, B=C motocross, C=D motocross.

2nd- With this structure off road racers can move down one class in ability. Example, an A off road racer can ride C in motocross. Referee will observe racers and move accordingly.

3rd- Where it is obvious we (SRC) can move a rider up to an appropriate class. Example, if a AA NORCS racer rides B and we feel is of A motocross ability they will be moved up. If a B level NORCS racer rides D motocross and wins easily they will be moved to C class.

J.- On ALL sign up sheets racer will mark the box that states "I have read ALL the SRC rules, and I agree and understand them. Furthermore, I will abide by ALL  rules set forth by SRC and if not will be subject to any and all diciplinary actions by SRC staff.

K.- Racers plan to be at the gate 2 races before their race.

1st- We will not wait longer that two races for a late racer or broken bike.

2nd- If there is a gate malfunction there will be a restart.

3rd- On ALL staggered starts the second gate MUST stay behind the first wave of riders (not allowed in the loaded gate) until first gate drops. If their is a crash in the first wave AND it takes too long to clear, then we will run the second wave as its own race immediately following.

4th- Mechanics, parents, friends, and family MUST stay behind ALL fences during the races! Only exception to this rule is the 50 cc class where ONLY PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS 18+ years of age are allowed on the track to assist with the racers. 50cc parents must exit the track quickly BEFORE the next race starts.

L- ALL viewing of races must be done behind fences.

1st- Racers will be disqualifies if ANY family/ friends/mechanics go on to the track.

M- Bike legalities

1st- TTR 70 and CRF 70 will race in 50cc class.

2nd-TTR 90/110(and similar) along with XR/CRF 80 will race 65 class

3rd- TTR 125, XR/CRF 100 will race in 85 classes.

4th- Big wheel/supermini (19 front and 16 rear) will only be allowed in 85 cc Open, Supermini classes and Schoolboy classes. Schoolboy riders must be Junior level. 

5th- Referee will determine on a case by case basis if an expert level racer can ride ability classes in the 250 B or C.


N- Equipment


2nd- White, black, blue, red, and yellow are the only background colors. No white on yellow or red OR any other hard to read combinations. White and Black are the ONLY number colors.

3rd- If duplicate numbers, last to sign up will have to change their number.

4th- 3 digit numbers are recommended

5th-  No kickstands allowed...KTM also.

6th- Headlights must be removed or taped.

7th- No broken levers.

8th- It is the riders responsibility to keep their machines maintained. If a bike is deemed to be dangerous of falling apart, racer can be black flagged.


1st- YELLOW flag is a no jumping or passing and slow down until past the incident.

2nd- RED flag is an immediate stoppage of any race or practice due to a condition on the racetrack which makes it too dangerous to continue. Riders are to make their way back to the start line. If half the race has been completed it will be scored, if not it will run again. Failure to abide by RED flag will result in disqualification from entire event.

3rd- BLACK flag is a diciplinary flag when displayed rider is to IMMEDIATELY STOP and return to finish flagger for explanation. Failure to abide by flag will result in a disqualification from entire event.

4th- WHITE flag is a courtesy flag indicating there is one lap left in the race. Race to the Checkered flag always.

5th- CHECKERED flag is displayed at the finish of the race even if the white flag was not.  Race hard to the checkered and then exit the track slowly. Finish flagger will determine the winner of a close battle.





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